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Specialist in-house Trades


Adept has quality in-house trades to offer specialist services such as electrical work, plastering, plumbing & heating, renewable energy technologies etc so everything is completed by one company under one roof.

Adept has the qualifications & experience to offer  a bespoke design service for  electrical,  heating & renewable energy systems. 

Specialist in house services include the likes of:

Under floor heating systems

Adept have specialists in underfloor heating design and installation. Underfloor heating can be run from either an electrical source or from hot water through a gas boiler system.  It is also ideally suited to renewable technologies such as solar thermal or air source heat pumps.


Unvented Hot Water Systems

Adept engineers are qualified to design & install complex plumbing systems such as unvented hot water systems.  These systems provide instantaneous hot water at high pressure to all outlets within a house hold.  They are specifically designed for multi bathroom properties to give even hot water distribution throughout & at any one time.  Unvented systems are also commonly used with the renewable energy technologies such as solar thermal or heat pumps.


Central Heating Systems

Adept offers a design & installation service to provide bespoke central heating systems.  These systems can include wireless programmable thermostats which regulate the heat & gas usage from the boiler making the most economical system possible for any individual property.


Bathrooms & Wetrooms

Adept are able to design & install any size of bathroom or wetroom required.  We have in house specialists who can assist with either guidance or complete design for a quality outcome. 


Polished Plastering

Adept has in house trades men qualified in polish plastering.  The main use of polished plaster is on walls as well as ceilings because it gives a finish that looks almost like that of travertine, polished marble or even limestone. This type of plaster is most commonly applied over a primer as well as a key-coat base and layering can be as many as 4 times. It is also sealed using a layer of wax for added protection.  The intrinsic qualities of polished plaster will allow the walls to breathe and due to the added wax will have extra protection.  Polished plaster gives a unique pattern because it is applied in multiple thin layers and this to a great extent is responsible for providing a smooth as well as layered surface that has 3-dimensional qualities. Polished plaster will render a beautiful finish.


Wykamol Accredited Damp Proof Course Specialists

Adept is part of the Wykamol approved contractor scheme which enables us to issue a 20 year guarantee backed by Wykamol for all work completed.

The Wykamol Approved Contractor Scheme has been introduced to give homeowners complete peace of mind and to ensure that the highest standards of workmanship are achieved.

An elite group of quality contractors, the Wykamol Approved Contractors are well known to Wykamol Group and have been extensively trained in the use of the range of Wykamol damp and timber solutions.

Unfortunately, many homeowners have experienced poor workmanship and unethical types of construction by rogue builders. Homeowners will also see web shops claiming to be able to sell structural repair products which are ‘simple’ to use but as a structural engineering solution provider, Wykamol advises that in most cases the scheme design needs to be carried out by an experienced and qualified engineer to ensure money is not wasted and the repair is successful.

Click here to view Wykamol's approved contractor scheme