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Home & Building Conversions in Wirral & Nearby

If you're looking for more space in your home without extending you have the option to utilise the space that you have by converting your existing rooms.

Conversions can be anything from converting your loft space, garage or even knocking two rooms into one. Adept has a team of time served in-house tradesmen who can cover everything from heating, plumbing, plastering, electrics. They have the skills and expertise to convert your vision into reality.


Loft Conversions

It's estimated that a loft conversion can add 10% to a property's value however you do need to be aware of building regulations as you can end up with just an expensive storage space rather than an extra bedroom. There are five main points you need to be aware of.

  • Structural Stability - are the ceiling joists and load bearing walls and even foundations up to the job?
  • Fire Resistance - stairs need to be enclosed with a fire resistant door
  • Access and Means of Escape - via stairs and VELUX┬« escape/access skylights
  • Weather Resistance and Energy Conservation - The loft walls and roof must keep out the elements and retain heat, via insulation
  • Ventilation - providing clean air to the living environment and venting moist or stale air, which would cause condensation and can lead to all kinds of structural problems over time.

Hiring an architect can be necessary for advice on what is and is not feasible with the space at your disposal. Adept works in partnership with three local and reputable architects. Qualified architects will be able to provide advice, on issues concerning planning permission and any local factors that may influence the modifications that can be made to your property, as well as drawing up detailed specifications and plans.

At Adept we work closely with our architects to ensure that the correct plans are submitted and we can guide and assist you right through to approval. For more advice on planning visit the government's planning portal - http://www.planningportal.gov.uk

In most cases, it will be necessary when converting a loft space to ensure that everything done complies with the Government's Building Regulations. A reputable builder will be able to help you in ensuring that your conversion meets all the Building Regulations that may apply to the work, and in making sure that any inspections required are completed and work meets the and construction and performance standards set by the regulations.

Adept works in partnership with Campagna Ltd Approved Inspector, Building Control, Health and Safety, CDM Co- Coordinator, Energy Assessors, SAP Calculations, Access Audits, Code for Sustainable Homes. We have a long standing relationship with this company with all our previous building inspections being passed first time.


Garage/ Room Conversions and Internal Alterations

Converting a garage or rooms in an existing property can be a simpler process as planning permission is not usually required if you are staying within the parameters of the existing build and no structural work is to be carried out. Work can be carried out straight away and specifications are agreed between you and the builder/project manager.

Adept has two directors who are time served tradesmen with over 40 years of building and project management experience between them. The directors are solely responsible for each project and are hands on tradesmen on site. They have the skills and knowledge to assist and advise you on what is the best way to approach your project and desires to deliver you a high spec, quality finish.

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